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Waranch Nunn is not your typical law firm. As a service oriented, boutique law firm, our team combines decades of legal experience that includes hundreds of successful engagements with a hands-on, personalized approach to give you confidence in our results and the process to get you to legal victory.

In the world of attorneys and law, bigger is not always better. Unlike larger firms who employ dozens of associate attorneys and legal assistants who handle significant caseloads, when you work with Waranch Nunn, you will have the confidence of working not only with an actual attorney at law, but a partner in the firm. This enables our clients to receive the best possible legal advice, while also receiving individualized service and support.

“We represent individuals and small businesses in injury, real estate, and business litigations and transactions. We offer holistic and high quality legal services to attempt to win repeat customers and grow organically.” 

Founded in 2019, Waranch Nunn’s goal was – and remains to this day – to be singularly focused on providing our clients with the best possible legal representation. We do so by having our partners directly involved in every case we take, while focusing on our core areas of expertise. For example, we do not handle family law, bankruptcy, or criminal law. Rather, we take a laser-focused approach to understand civil litigation, real estate law, and business litigation with a diligence that produces results for our clients.

We also take cases that represent a wide array of clients and interests, from small to large. However, we do not seek to engage large corporate entities that tie up hours and hours of billing for large firms, while redirecting resources for the bulk of the clients such firms represent. Instead, our goal is to have a full docket of plaintiffs, enabling personalized service and exceptional results. This has resulted in significant repeat business from privately held businesses, real estate brokers, investors, and individuals.

Waranch Nunn is not the type of firm to sit on its past successes or seek individual acclaim. Rather, our success is dictated by the success of our clients – in court and in life. Or, as we like to say, “We measure success through the success of our clients.”

North Texas’ Top Attorney

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Amos S. Waranch


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lawyer signing documents with a client.
How do I know if my case is viable and that I actually have a chance to win?

The truth is there is no case that is guaranteed to win. That said, there certainly is a range of possible outcomes, and it is important for an experienced attorney to review the facts at hand to give you an honest judgement on the merits of your case. As important as an attorney’s experience and knowledge is their approach and dedication to serving the needs of their client.

The best way to determine if your case is a strong one, and - as importantly - whether Waranch Nunn is the right firm to represent you, is to give us a call or contact us

I have been injured due to the fault of another, but don’t have the means to pay an attorney. Can you still help me, or must I pay up front?

We at Waranch Nunn are dedicated to serving those who are in times of need. Injury does not wait to occur until victims are in a position of financial strength. Be it due to an accident, or to an intentional act, those who face injury have no choice both in terms of their personal recovery and in the pursuit of legal justice other than to seek assistance immediately.

This is why THERE IS NO CHARGE for consultation on these matters. Better yet, for personal injury clients, YOU DO NOT OWE US ANYTHING UNLESS WE RECOVER MONEY FOR YOU. That’s right - you are not obligated nor committed to spend a dime unless we win your case. Just give us a call, let us know about your situation, and let’s get you to victory, and back to a healthy life both physically and monetarily.

I got injured at work. Can I sue someone for my injuries?

Possibly. As every case is unique, it is important to know the specific circumstances at hand. For example, issues such as whether your employer has Worker’s Compensation, or who/what caused the injury (be it accidental, intentional, or via an act of negligence) are important to discuss with your lawyer up front.

As there are so many questions involved and the details matter, give us a call for a consultation AT NO CHARGE to you. Even better, if we determine there is a viable personal injury case, we will take you on as a client and you won’t have to pay us anything until and unless we win your case through settlement or court. There’s no risk and no obligation, so give us a call today.

Do you represents tenants and landlords?

Short answer is yes, we represent both tenants and landlords. While our firm’s primary area of focus in tenant-landlord disputes is usually from the landlord’s perspective, there are instances where we strongly believe a tenant was wronged and will take on the case, with the personalized service and dedication that we give to each and every one of our clients.

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, know that we have the full breadth of experience to understand both your position and that of your legal opponent; this gives you an advantage in court, as we will know their strategies and what they are thinking.

Do you represent defendants in civil injury cases?
Rarely. We never say never, but our firm is dedicated to representing plaintiffs, and we have dedicated our resources and time to being the best possible resource for plaintiffs in need. That said, we do believe in the axiom of “never say never,” and we do have a significant amount of experience representing defendants. Our experience also provides a clear advantage to the bulk of our clients who are plaintiffs, as we understand the approach and strategies the defendant’s attorneys will likely seek, which provides our clients a leg up in winning their case.
I have Medicare or Medicaid - will a personal injury claim affect my benefits?
Generally no, but to know for sure, it is important to understand the specifics of your case, the circumstances, and the law. It is only with knowledge of these facts that an attorney can take steps to make sure your benefits are protected.
How do I get the ball rolling on working with you, or even to determine whether I have a strong enough case to pursue through legal avenues?
The best way is to contact us which will provide our attorneys with the basic information needed to make such a determination. We will get back to you to discuss the merits of your case, and the potential ways to move forward that would be in your interest.


“Legal battles are never fun. They are stressful and exhausting, but having a good lawyer can make a massive difference in how difficult the process is. Working with Waranch and Nunn was by far the most professional experience I've had with a lawyer, and I couldn't recommend them more.”

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