Amos S. Waranch

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, to a Texan father and an English mother, Amos began was raised in East Dallas, near White Rock Lake, having moved to the United States at the age of four. A graduate of the St. Mark’s School of Texas, Amos would go on to study political science at the University of North Texas, prior to earning his first degree in law from the University of Arkansas.

A lover of both cuisine and law, Amos combined those passions as the editor of the Journal of Food and Law while making waves as one of the nation’s top orators through his successes at national championship debates. Most importantly, it was during this time that Amos met Hunter Nunn, paving the way for a lasting friendship and successful legal partnership.

As an attorney, Amos is known as a compassionate counselor for injured individuals and a zealous advocate for their claims before insurance companies and the courts. He focuses his practice on personal injury, real estate, and general commercial litigation, with significant experience handling large and small claims for personal injury including premises liability/slips and falls, motor vehicle negligence, animal attacks, assaults, and workplace nonsubscriber injuries. Amos has a deep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of personal injury law. His experience includes pre-litigation case management and assistance with the medical/legal aspects of claims, preparation and negotiation of settlement demands, and litigation of claims through all aspects of the civil litigation process through trial by jury. In addition to his experience and success in trial by jury, Amos has had substantial success in negotiating resolutions, as this is often the preferred means for a client’s needs.

Amos has significant subject matter expertise in real estate matters, having worked in the real estate industry in one way or another his entire adult life. Given this broad and deep subject matter expertise, he has the unique ability to competently perform both transactional matters and litigation related to all kinds of real estate transactions and disputes. Unlike many “real estate lawyers” who are primarily focused on transactions, Amos can write your contract and then also litigate it later if needed. Amos has experience with residential and commercial real estate purchases, development, coding and enforcement, leases, refinances, construction defects, foreclosures, mechanic’s liens, and landlord/tenant matters including lockouts and evictions. In general commercial litigation, civil suits and claims about money, Amos can use his deep knowledge and understanding of the law and civil procedure to effectuate results for you or your company.

An advocate of personal and religious freedom, Amos garnered significant press in 2013 for a lawsuit filed in federal court in Dallas on behalf of his orthodox Jewish client who was being threatened with expulsion for practicing his faith by the Dallas County Community College District. Amos enjoys spending time with his family and friends, entertaining and cooking, playing games of skill like chess and poker, and playing the bass guitar.

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